The method in brief

The method is based on the separation of functional requirements and the realisation of those requirements in a syntax like the EDIFACT (EDI For Administration Commerce and Transport) or XML syntax. It contains the following elements:

  • functional requirements by means of a data model and a process model. The data model represents the business processes and the products or services supported by those business processes. The process model is a set of transactions between actors to exchange information regarding the behaviour of the business process ('where are my products');
  • realisation of the functional requirements in EDIFACT or XML;
  • production of Message Implementation Guidelines, either for sectorial use, international use, national use, or the use by two actors;
  • the implementation of messages by generating translation tables and test messages.

Development is speeded up by using standard elements that have already been specified. Those elements are contained in repositories. The object repository contains actors and standard objects with their properties, the model repository contains standard transactions, entities with their attributes, and constraints on attributes (e.g. domains and code values), the mapping repository contains standard mappings of entities of the object repository to elements of the EDIFACT repository, and the EDIFACT repository contains the TDID.

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