Digitect B.V. has developed a method and underlying concepts to design, implement, and maintain (electronic) message interchanges. This method combines Business Process Information Modelling (BPIM) with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and is fully supported by EC-Design. Both method and EC-Design are successfully applied in a great variety of business areas.

EC-Design is a software tool that supports the structured design, implementation and maintenance of (electronic) message interchanges. EC-Design is based on standards: ISO 17113 Message Development Method and ISO 11179 Metadata Registry. EC-Design focuses on the development of a relational Reference Information Model (RIM) in which all information objects that can be part of (electronic) message interchanges are modelled, independent of any technical syntax or message standard. The RIM therefore acts as a conceptual / logical / functional model in which all relevant information objects are defined, including their data types, value ranges, code lists and business rules.

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