Supported Functionality

EC-Design provides expert functionality for application integration based on electronic messages and web services. EC-Design is a powerful UML (Unified Modeling Language) data- and message modeling tool which enables you to specify any number of messages or web services in a consistent manner, based on one shared enterprise / business data model.

The following functionality is supported by EC-Design:

  • Relational datamodelling: entities, attributes, relations, codelists
  • Derivation of hierarchic models (views) of the relational datamodel (on two levels: transaction and functional message)
  • Business rules (on three levels: datamodel, transaction and functional message)
  • Generation of W3C XML Schemas, a message schema and optionally a datatype schema, including a datatype mapping and a check on XML tags.
  • XML namespaces support to automatically link to externally defined XML Schema's
  • Support for unlimited number of XML dialects per datamodel
  • Flat file message specifications
  • Edifact directory maintenance
  • Transaction mapping to Edifact message, including a correctness check
  • HTML and RTF output of specifications of datamodel, transaction, functional messages and mapping. This output can be configured by various print options.
  • SQL Database Create Script generation for the datamodel
  • Variaous smart documents, like Transaction Cross Reference, or various Used By documents on datamodel level

Customer Support

Customers using EC-Design are supported on Each customer gets a login on this website, where software updates can be downloaded and questions can be posted. Support issues are normally answered within 24 hours.
For new customers we have developed a trial version of EC-Design. If you are interested in it or if you have any other questions, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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